Complete List of Margaret Millar eBooks Published

We're over half-way through issuing the complete works of Margaret Millar as eBooks. Below is a handy visual guide to what's available now. Click through each cover for more title information in the Syndicate Bookstore

All eBook covers by Jeff Wong.

Announcing New Stand-Alone Trade Paperbacks for BEAST IN VIEW and A STRANGER IN MY GRAVE

Syndicate is thrilled to announce that we're issuing stand-alone trades for several of Margaret Millar's classic works of suspense. This is a perfect way for new readers to discover the MWA Grandmaster's brilliant work and also get a print copy of artist Jeff Wong's excellent covers. 

In February we're publishing the Edgar Award for Best Novel-winning BEAST IN VIEW and following that in April with the cunningly plotted A STRANGER IN MY GRAVE. More stand-alones will follow. Stay tuned for those announcements. 

Publishes on February 6th, 2018

BEAST IN VIEW by Margaret Millar (Trade Paperback)

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Hailed as one of the greatest psychological mysteries ever written and winner of the 1956 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best Novel, Beast in View remains as freshly sinister today as the day it was first published.  

Thirty-year-old Helen Clarvoe is scared and all alone. The heiress of a small fortune, she is resented by her mother and, to a lesser degree, her brother. The only person who seemingly cares for her is the family’s attorney, Paul Blackshear. A shut-in, Helen maintains her residence in an upscale hotel downtown. 

But passive-aggressive resentment isn’t the only thing hounding Helen Clarvoe. A string of bizarre and sometimes threatening prank phone calls has upended her spinster’s routine. Increasingly threatened, she turns to a reluctant Mr. Blackshear to get to the bottom of these strange calls. Blackshear is doubtful of their seriousness but he quickly realizes that he is in the midst of something far more sinister than he thought possible. As he unravels the mystery of the calls the identity behind them slowly emerges, predatory and treacherous.

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Publishes on April 3rd, 2018

A STRANGER IN MY GRAVE by Margaret Millar (Trade Paperback)

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Young housewife Daisy Harker’s world is upended when a blank spot in her memory and a reoccurring nightmare link her to an unsolved murder and a decades-old conspiracy

Jim and Daisy Harker are a young, well-to-do couple in San Felice, California, and though childless they maintain the sort of domestic happiness that others can only aspire to. But a darkness exists at the outer edges of Daisy’s mind and she has no idea why it’s there. In a series of reoccurring nightmares she wanders a cemetery, eventually finding her own gravestone. According to the dream, December 2nd, 1955 is the day she died.  

Street smart but honorable, Stevens Pinata is a man with his own mysteries. An orphan left on a church doorstep as a child, he isn’t even certain of his ethnicity, let alone his goals in life. As a private investigator he works with bail bonds and quick shakedowns. But when a pretty young woman like Daisy Harker comes into his office with a crazy request to “find her lost day” he is intrigued. He is too decent to take advantage of a crazy woman, but Mr. Harker is a wealthy man and who is Pinata to turn down money?

What unfolds is a masterpiece of suspense and one of the books that forever changed the domestic thriller. Millar’s razor sharp prose cuts a masterful plot and slashes at the racism, sexism, and entitlement endemic to an era otherwise celebrated for its prosperity.

NPR's Fresh Air Reviews COLLECTED MILLAR and Other Media Notes

We've been talking up Margaret Millar for a while here now but just like the old Reading Rainbow tagline went: You don't need to take our word for it.

Four terrific mentions of the COLLECTED MILLAR project, including the selection of the first two volumes as a Boston Globe Best Book of 2016.

Millar’s mysteries are filled with clever twists, yet what makes them special is her surgical approach to her characters’ inner lives. She’s got an eagle eye for the juicy stuff lots of mystery writers still ignore — questions of class, status, sexual desire and the difficult position of women. This last was something she knew about firsthand. Millar’s work was long overshadowed by that of her husband, detective novelist Ross Macdonald. In fact, her best novels — like 1955’s Beast in View — have a ferocious edge that make him look rather tame.
— John Powers, NPR's Fresh Air
The first two instalments in what will be a seven-volume series, publishing between now and summer of 2017, collecting the work of the renowned, Kitchener, Ont.-born mystery writer Margaret Millar, one of the greatest this country has ever produced.
— Mark Medley, writing in The Globe and Mail's 2016 Books Gift Guide

A Boston Globe Best Book of 2016 (for The Master At Her Zenith and Legendary Novels of Suspense)