NPR's Fresh Air Reviews COLLECTED MILLAR and Other Media Notes

We've been talking up Margaret Millar for a while here now but just like the old Reading Rainbow tagline went: You don't need to take our word for it.

Four terrific mentions of the COLLECTED MILLAR project, including the selection of the first two volumes as a Boston Globe Best Book of 2016.

Millar’s mysteries are filled with clever twists, yet what makes them special is her surgical approach to her characters’ inner lives. She’s got an eagle eye for the juicy stuff lots of mystery writers still ignore — questions of class, status, sexual desire and the difficult position of women. This last was something she knew about firsthand. Millar’s work was long overshadowed by that of her husband, detective novelist Ross Macdonald. In fact, her best novels — like 1955’s Beast in View — have a ferocious edge that make him look rather tame.
— John Powers, NPR's Fresh Air
The first two instalments in what will be a seven-volume series, publishing between now and summer of 2017, collecting the work of the renowned, Kitchener, Ont.-born mystery writer Margaret Millar, one of the greatest this country has ever produced.
— Mark Medley, writing in The Globe and Mail's 2016 Books Gift Guide

A Boston Globe Best Book of 2016 (for The Master At Her Zenith and Legendary Novels of Suspense)