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Preorder the complete writings of MWA Grandmaster Margaret Millar and receive each book one month before its on sale date.

This handsome paperback set represents the first ever complete accounting of the life's work of one of the 20th century's most important suspense writers. Order now and receive one book every two months. Order at any point later and you'll receive all released volumes and then the rest as they publish.

In DECEMBER Receive:

Collected Millar: The Master at Her Zenith

Introduction by Tom Nolan

Vanish in an Instant (1952)
Wives and Lovers (1954)
Beast in View (1955)
An Air That Kills (1957)
The Listening Walls (1959)

Collected Millar: Legendary Novels of Suspense

A Stranger in My Grave (1960)
How Like an Angel (1962)
The Fiend (1964)
Beyond This Point Are Monsters (1970)

Collected Millar: The Tom Aragon Novels

Ask for Me Tomorrow (1976)
The Murder of Miranda (1979)
Mermaid (1982)

In FEBRUARY (2017) Receive:

Collected Millar: Dawn of Domestic Suspense

Fire Will Freeze (1944)
Experiment in Springtime (1947)
The Cannibal Heart (1949)
Do Evil in Return (1950)
Rose's Last Summer (1952)

In APRIL (2017) Receive:

Collected Millar: The First Detectives

The Paul Prye Mysteries

The Invisible Worm (1941)
The Weak-Eyed Bat (1942)
The Devil Loves Me (1942)

Inspector Sands Mysteries

Wall of Eyes (1943)
The Iron Gates (1945)

In JULY (2017) Receive:

Collected Millar: First Things, Last Things

Banshee (1983)
Spider Webs (1986)
It’s All in the Family (1948)
Collected Short Fiction



The Birds and Beasts Were There

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NPR's Fresh Air Reviews COLLECTED MILLAR and Other Media Notes

We've been talking up Margaret Millar for a while here now but just like the old Reading Rainbow tagline went: You don't need to take our word for it.

Four terrific mentions of the COLLECTED MILLAR project, including the selection of the first two volumes as a Boston Globe Best Book of 2016.

Millar’s mysteries are filled with clever twists, yet what makes them special is her surgical approach to her characters’ inner lives. She’s got an eagle eye for the juicy stuff lots of mystery writers still ignore — questions of class, status, sexual desire and the difficult position of women. This last was something she knew about firsthand. Millar’s work was long overshadowed by that of her husband, detective novelist Ross Macdonald. In fact, her best novels — like 1955’s Beast in View — have a ferocious edge that make him look rather tame.
— John Powers, NPR's Fresh Air
The first two instalments in what will be a seven-volume series, publishing between now and summer of 2017, collecting the work of the renowned, Kitchener, Ont.-born mystery writer Margaret Millar, one of the greatest this country has ever produced.
— Mark Medley, writing in The Globe and Mail's 2016 Books Gift Guide

A Boston Globe Best Book of 2016 (for The Master At Her Zenith and Legendary Novels of Suspense)

In Stores, On Shelves, and Back with a Vengeance: COLLECTED MILLAR - The Master At Her Zenith pubs Today

Two years in the making... The first installment in the seven volume complete works of MWA Grandmaster and crime fiction icon, Margaret Millar. 

In. Stores. Now.

Syndicate Books | Trade Paperback | 555 Pages | $17.99 | PUB DATE: 09/13/2016

Syndicate Books | Trade Paperback | 555 Pages | $17.99 | PUB DATE: 09/13/2016


Introduction by Tom Nolan



Five acclaimed novels from the Golden Age of Suspense, including the Edgar Award-Winning Novel, Beast in View.

In 1950s America the men are back to work and the women are home raising a new generation. The war is over and the boom is on. Everyone is happy. It is to this myth of the perfect American family that novelist Margaret Millar applied her scalpel.

This volume includes five of Millar’s novels of the 1950s, among her best-known works of literary suspense as well as some of the most compulsively readable, please-leave-a-light-on thrillers ever put to paper. 


In this classic noir tale of blurred guilt and flawed innocence, a cynical lawyer uncovers the desperate lives of a group connected only by a gruesome murder.


A sincere and compassionate novel about the complications of married life, and the love, loathing, pain, loyalty, disappointments and friendship that grow out of a marriage.

BEAST IN VIEW (1955) – Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel

Hailed as one of the greatest psychological mysteries ever written and winner of the 1956 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best Novel, Beast in View remains as freshly sinister today as the day it was first published.


When Ron Galloway never arrives at a boys' weekend fishing retreat, it becomes increasingly clear that something terrible has befallen him. Was he a victim of his own lust? Or of someone else's greed?


In this suspenseful masterpiece about corrupted love, Rupert Kellogg's wife, Amy, goes missing after an ill-fated trip to Mexico – and Rupert becomes the focus of a paranoid investigation.