Millar Cover Reveal #1: BEAST IN VIEW and AN AIR THAT KILLS

The long wait is over. Over the coming months we will be announcing new digital editions of Margaret Millar's celebrated writings with cover reveals and links to purchase.

Soon to follow will be the announcement for the print schedule of the Complete Works of Margaret Millar.

For the first reveal we're sharing two of Millar's most celebrated novels, including the book that won her the 1956 Edgar Award for Best Novel. 

You may recognize the handiwork on these illustrations. That's because Syndicate is working with artist Jeff Wong (who did the Soho Crime edition of GBH by Ted Lewis). What's so cool about having Jeff work on these covers, beyond the fact that he's an amazing artist, is that Jeff is also the foremost (and I MEAN FOREMOST) collector of Ross Macdonald in the world. Macdonald's real name was Ken Millar. You got it. Mr. Maggie Millar. So it's a bit of a passion project for Jeff, evidenced by the two covers below.



Hailed as one of the greatest psychological mysteries ever written and winner of the 1956 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best Novel, Beast in View remains as freshly sinister today as the day it was first published.  

Thirty-year-old Helen Clarvoe is scared and all alone. The heiress of a small fortune, she is resented by her mother and, to a lesser degree, her brother. The only person who seemingly cares for her is the family’s attorney, Paul Blackshear. A shut-in, Helen maintains her residence in upscale hotel downtown. 

But passive-aggressive resentment isn’t the only thing hounding Helen Clarvoe. A string of bizarre and sometimes threatening prank phone calls has upended her spinster’s routine. Increasingly threatened, she turns to a reluctant Mr. Blackshear to get to the bottom of these strange calls. Originally doubtful of their seriousness, Blackshear quickly realizes that he is in the midst of something far more nightmarish than he thought possible. As he unravels the mystery behind the calls the identity behind them slowly emerges, predatory and treacherous.



A gripping novel of ordinary lives ripped apart by lust, deceit, adultery, conspiracy and betrayal. 

On a Saturday night in April, Ron Galloway's friends have all arrived at his Ontario lakeside vacation lodge for a boys' weekend without their wives. But as the night wears on and the host himself doesn't arrive, the party turns sour. Then Ron Galloway's suspicious wife, convinced he is having an affair and trying to track him down, arrives on the scene, followed by the police. It is clear something is very wrong. 

In the hours and days that follow Ron Galloway's disappearance, the secret of an ugly infidelity comes to light, tearing apart Galloway's circle of friends and destroying two marriages. Did Ron Galloway commit suicide to escape his own unforgivable betrayals? What sinister set of circumstances brought him to his desperate end, and how will his survivors cope with the truth without tearing one another apart?