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Three legendary novels at one incredible price.

Get Carter and the two prequels that followed its publication, Jack Carter's Law and Jack Carter and the Mafia Pigeon, forever changed crime fiction, whether on page or screen. Praised for its clipped prose, droll dialogue, and brutal social realism, the Jack Carter cycle of novels is as unflinching a portrayal of criminality as you will find. 


Get Carter
Jack Carter's Law
Jack Carter and the Mafia Pigeon


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"Sums up the hard-boiled ethos as well as anything I’ve ever read... As far as classic hard-boiled fiction, Get Carter is sui generis, the place where British noir begins."
—David L. Ulin, The Los Angeles Times

"Aristotle, when he defined tragedy, mandated that a tragic hero must fall from a great height, but Aristotle never imagined the kind of roadside motels James M. Cain could conjure up or saw the smokestacks rise in the Northern English industrial hell of Ted Lewis's Get Carter."
—Dennis Lehane, author of Live by Night

"He is an example of how dangerous writing can really be when it is done properly, and Ted Lewis’s writing proves that he never ran away from the page. Because with Lewis, the page was the battle.”
—Derek Raymond, author of He Died with His Eyes Open

“Ted Lewis is one of the most influential crime novelists Britain has ever produced, and his shadow falls on all noir fiction, whether on page or screen, created on these isles since his passing. I wouldn’t be the writer I am without Ted Lewis. It’s time the world rediscovered him.”
—Stuart Neville, author of The Ghosts of Belfast

"Carter makes Parker look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm."
—Max Alan Collins, author of Road to Perdition

"Ted Lewis cuts to the bone."
James Sallis, author of Drive

"When it comes to dealing with your actual hard man, no one does it better than the late, great Ted Lewis."
—John Williams, author of the Cardiff Trilogy